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ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, foster-based organization dedicated to taking in and thoughtfully rehoming the most unwanted and neglected animals. Located in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are dedicated to providing a healing and caring environment for our animals, where physical and mental rehabilitation is possible.

We noticed animals suffering from physical or emotional neglect were falling through the cracks of the current animal welfare system. 

Since ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation founders include Veterinary professionals, we are uniquely qualified to treat the specific challenges presented by this group of sick, injured and emotionally neglected animals. 

We believe that all animals -not just healthy ones- deserve a loving forever home. 


our organization


consider a BLACK DOG!

Statistics show that black dogs stay in shelters longer and are euthanized at a higher rate than other dogs  n  check out the site

or our black dogs page for more information

older dogs need love too!

if you are looking at adopting a puppy just remember you will need to be able to spend a lot of time house-training and exercising a puppy n while puppies are very fun and rewarding, please make sure you can dedicate the time required to make your puppy a well-mannered member of your family n if this responsibility is not what you are looking for at this time, please read ‘Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog’ on our faqs page n we always have several wonderful dogs for adoption and just maybe that is the right choice for you

At our core, ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation provides the following:

Rescue - removing the animal from a neglectful situation.

Rehabilitation - providing medical care in order to restore physical health. as well as, guidance and positive behavior modification in order to restore mental well being.

We will spay or neuter the animal to help reduce unwanted litters and vaccinate and provide parasite control to reduce the spread of disease.

Rehome - placing the animal in a loving and comfortable foster home where they can continue to heal while we search for a forever home.


Because ACT V works with animals in the most desperate situations, we are always in need of money to provide medication, surgery, medical care and/or rehabilitation. 

All of our funding comes from donations and 100% of each dollar donated goes to caring for animals.

A receipt is provided because all donations are tax-deductible.

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foster homes NEEDED!

we are in dire need of foster homes, we are getting more requests than we can manage n if you can open your home to a needy dog, puppy, cat or kitten for even a few weeks, please contact us as soon as possible.